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In collaboration with the life makers foundation and funded by  Samsung Egypt, Explore Agora presented their  solution to the challenge of "Visual Assisted Learning" which was published on Yomken.com’s platform to find innovative solutions to help hearing impaired students in their education by providing better tools 


The Solution

Explore Agora is an educational application for children developed by specialists in education. This application aims to link Reality and Curriculum. The application uses artificial intelligence to identify the area surrounding the child in his daily life and then transform this area into an interactive space for education through augmented reality.


The Challenge

The "Visual Assisted Learning" challenge aims to create better education tools to help hearing impaired students by developing technologies (devices or applications) to assist the hearing impaired students in receiving knowledge and/or teachers with the delivery of knowledge of school materials taught in the classroom with the following criteria:

  • Tech-enabled or digital
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Sustainable (can be used for long periods)
  • Ongoing technical support and updates
  • User-friendly

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Courte Description

An Educational App connecting k-12 education to the real world through a gamified AR Interactive Learning Experience.

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Solution pour:

Visual Assisted Learning

par Life Makers Foundation

Cairo Égypte


100000 EGP


Dima Sorri





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