Game Cycle - Serious Games for the Labour Market in Egypt

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Saturday, 19th August

To all the bright and talented developers out there, It’s time to spot your fellow developers and team up!

The Information Technology Institute (ITI), in collaboration with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, and the Social Innovation Egypt Design Thinkers, along with, are hosting the first event of its kind, marking the kick-off of Serious Gaming in Egypt.

Having such leading organisations for social innovation solutions and pioneers of design thinking in Egypt, makes the aim of this event is to be not only a portal for future opportunities for its participants, but also a step towards the era of booming creativity and human centred innovation in the game development industry.

In duration of a 3-day hackathon of non-stop creativity, participating teams are invited to unleash their talents through solving a mission. The mission is to develop an amusing and challenging game based on a manual to prepare blue-collars for the job market. The process will include a lot of fun, competition, innovation, renowned external jury, and a rewarding prize in the end.

The jury will take their decision based on:

  •  The quality of the Serious Game prototype

  •  The Game Design Document

Winning prize:

  • Official Certificate of recognition by GIZ

  • One VR set for your team

  • Funding for developing the game up to 40,000 EGP

  • Wild Card for a Design Thinking Training for your team by GIZ

Date and Location

Date of the hackathon: 14/9/2017-16/9/2017

Location: Information Technology Institute, Smart Village.

How to apply?

Groups of 3 - 5 people can apply. Your group should be able to produce a running application for Android systems (the prototype). You need to submit a complete Game Design Document for your game to the jury.

The application deadline is 4/9/201

You can apply from here


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