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The idea of ​​the book is to use visual illusion and kinetic effects  to attract the child's attention to learning in an entertaining  and educational manner simultaneously by  employing his senses (vision and movement) and drawing attention during learning.

When the creator of the magical book represented it  at the Cairo International Book Fair 2016, It was very well received by parents and specialized doctors who noted that the book may be very useful for children with autism.



- Financial support:

The price of the cost of printing a paper book + printing the plastic slide included with the book is LE 7.5 + expenses of shipping the books to the governorates and delivering them to as many children as possible.

- Marketing the book to reach any research or educational specialized entities to use the same technology in any other educational books (for example, can be used to explain scientific theories and explain the mechanism of movement in some research purposes).

- Access to the largest possible number of charities, orphanages, children's cancer hospital or agencies dealing with autistic patients to provide them with numbers of books.

The following are explanatory videos and television interviews to explain the idea of ​​the book and the way and mechanism of work:

Video of the book


TV interview on Nile Cultural Channel (full explanation)


Interview with Windows TV during the Book Fair




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Short Description

Magic Book uses optical illusion and kinetic effects to attract the attention of the child to learn by entertaining manner.


Ahmed Abdelmegid




  • Financial support
  • Marketing for the book to reach out to research or education entities.


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