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This service will enable people to order their needs from home, especially people who work late and do not have time to prepare food or to buy medicine or anything else. This service is very important and useful in the winter when it is difficult for many to leave their homes to bring food or medication, and it is also useful for elderly  who face difficulty moving due to illness.

So our system will contain a lot of stores to allow people to choose their favorite shop and the closest to them so they can save time and spend more time with their family.

What distinguishes this project is the spread of service all over Lebanon and offer many categories shops (meat shop, pharmacies, restaurants, games, electronics ... except for alcoholic beverages, tobacco and shisha ...) Similar services are available in Beirut, few of them are available outside Beirut if any, and those services are only interested in delivering food.

The project starts by speading the idea and inviting the stores for a free subscription for the first year and then for $ 20 a month, which is a small amount and after the participation of a number of shops or pharmacies we will start advertising the service.


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Short Description

This project is a delivery service in Lebanon where the user can find any kind of store (except alcohol shops, arajil, tobacco, etc.). The user can order by computer or mobile phone (Android & IOS).


أحمد عنتر




We need financial support to cover the costs of the program ($ 2000) and advertisements (1000 ~ 3000 $) so that this service is accessible to many people and spread throughout Lebanon.
We also need legal consultation to avoid any legal problem.

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