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by Shamsina Egypt

   Cairo, Egypt

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Can you create an access to hot water for energy-poor communities and help making their lives a bit better  by submitting a proposal to acquire of 1 out of 8 low-cost solar-powered water heater?

A call for social activists and social entrepreneurs to submit a proposal to get one low-cost solar powered water heater from Shamsina and Cairo global shapers for individual families, community-based organizations, Student organizations, Start-ups in rural/energy-poor areas after clarifying their need to the solar water heater. In accordance, The grantees will be asked to submit reviews about the solar water heater on a regular basis. this review will be used to develop the Solar water heater.


Global Shapers Cairo[1] and Shamsina[2] are calling non-profits, governmental and non-governmental organizations, student organizations, and startups serving energy-poor communities to submit proposals to compete for the acquisition of 1 out of 8 low-cost solar-powered water heaters.

Winning entities will get the heater for free in return of providing data, photos, and other supporting documents on the heater usage as indicated in the Terms and Conditions below to support further research and development on the heater design.

Shamsina’s solar water heater will be useful for energy-poor communities as it relies solely on the sun for the transfer of heat to energy. It is a clean energy technology that does not utilize toxic gases or electricity. The technology itself was constructed with affordability in mind, and has virtually no long-term costs since solar radiation is abundant and free. This also means that it is universally accessible, also affordable, even in remote desert and rural communities.



Shamsina locally manufactures low-cost solar-powered water heaters for energy-poor communities. The heater subject of this eRFP has been locally designed. It is one of its kind to be designed and manufactured in Egypt. The cost of the solar water heater is three-fold lower than the cheapest solar water heater on the market.

So far, the heater has been crafted for the needs of energy poor communities within Cairo and thus the selected recipients in this round should represent diverse entities and uses for the water heater, in order to enrich Shamsina’s understanding of the functioning of the heater in different settings and thus allow for further research and development.



Selection criteria 

  1. Organization Types:
  • Community-based organizations or non-governmental organizations that will distribute the water heater to a family in need or use it for community buildings
  • Student organizations
  • Startups
  1. Organizations Contribution:
  • Preference will be given to organizations who can make a financial or in-kind contribution towards the cost of the heater transportation, installation, and required manpower


  1. Geographical Location:
  • Preference will be given to organizations in diverse locations as well as different types of facilities (e.g. attached community school, community center..etc.)


  1. Access to Energy:
  • The recipients should be able to demonstrate need for the heater (preferably, the recipient should be considered ‘energy poor’ and have no existing source of hot water)


  1. Technical Requirements:

The building on which the heater is to be installed should meet the following criteria:

  • Sufficient light and lack of obstructions between the solar heater and the sun.
  • The place of implementation will be close to the solar heater.
  • A source of water near to the solar heater.
  • The solar water heater needs 2.5 m2 to be installed

Terms and Conditions:

  • Winning entities are shall provide Shamsina with periodic reports on the heater usage using a pre-set report format;
  • Winning entities shall provide Shamsina with any supporting materials to assess the usage of the heater, e.g. photos or videos of the water heater in use.



[1] The Global Shapers Community is a youth network of city-based hubs driving dialogue, action, and change. It is affiliated with the World Economic Forum.


[2] Shamsina designs and manufactures affordable and reliable solar technologies for energy poor communities and equips the public with the tools to innovate clean energy solutions.

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