The Coating Challenge

by Hoor-Masr Company

   Cairo, Egypt

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This challenge is looking for chemical engineers or chemists to create a coating similar to GLC Matt Varnish for keeping paintings on plates for a long period of time, even with heavy usage such as in restaurants and with constant exposure to different weather factors.

The problem:

Hoor-Masr is an Egyptian start-up that sells leather products, such as handbags and notebooks, as well as hand painted plates for decoration and daily usage. Their unique products use natural Egyptian leather and the paintings are derived from the Egyptian culture. At the moment, they're looking to export their products but they need to fix a few issues regarding the quality of the products before doing so. For instance, their plates are used by some restaurants on a daily bases, and since their usage is different than regular homes the paintings change color overtime.


They've tried using different kinds of coating to combat the problem with the only success coming from using the GLC Matt Varnish. It's not however the best option as it's not always available in the market and it usually takes a day and a half to dry. They've tried using petrol to accelerate the drying process, however they fear it might not be safe to use and affect people's health negatively over time.

The challenge:

This challenge aims to create a coating similar to GLC Matt Varnish for keeping the paintings long periods of time without damage, even with restaurants' heavy usage. Keep in mind that:

  1. The coating shouldn't cause any damage to people's health overtime.
  2. The team uses Acrylic colors to paint, so the coating shouldn't have any effect on them.
  3. Some restaurants use dishwashers and/or wire to wash their dishes, so the coating should be able to handle such usage several times a day for long periods of time.

The reward and it's conditions:

The award total will be 5000 EGP, given as follows:

  1. Your solution should be provided as a research showing tested results. You will have an advantage if it was done by you, your team or a local entity using local materials.
  2. The prize will be given in parts, in accordance to milestones set by the solver according to his/her plan of action.
  3. Prototype funding is included in the prize itself, unless the solver presents a working prototype or is able to provide someone or somewhere willing to fund it.
  4. Your solution should include a clear plan of of action indicating the estimated duration for each step and details on the implementation of the reward for creating a prototype.

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