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by Sarah Toumi

   Sfax, Tunisia

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Acacias for All


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"Acacias for all" is a Tunisian social enterprise that trains farmers in restoration techniques such as permaculture and agroforestry, and then plant them with trees adapted to the climatic conditions in their region. The enterprise then manages the marketing of the produce through 5 channels of sustainable production. Thus achieving both environmental and economic positive impact. "Acacias for all" is also committed to the social aspect by pledging to fund educational and health projects, as well as, organizations with a high social impact.

Acacias's goal is to bring together a community of citizens committed to the restoration of degraded forests and lands, that represents 95% of arable land, by planting one million trees before 31 December 2018 and 50 million trees by 2030 through their campaign #1MillionTrees4Tunisia (1 million trees for Tunisia).

The problem:

Acacias wants to make it easier for people to follow the campaign # 1MillionTrees4Tunisia, as well as, make it easier for them to locate places for planting. As such they need an easy and accessible tool to achieve that such as a mobile application on smart phones.

The challenge:

The challenge aims to develop a mobile application that provides:

  • Geolocation for planted trees
  • Calendar tracking and notifications for users about the planted trees
  • Direct connection to social media (Facebook or Twitter) and the campaign website for real-time information
  • The application should be based on Gamification principles
  • Ability to download trees profile (e.g. plant type, soil type, best seeds etc.)


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