Ramadan Fusional Cake

by Leading Patisserie & Bakery Company

   Giza, Egypt

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Leading Patisserie & Bakery Company


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Ramadan is approaching, all patisseries are gearing up to make unique and mouth watering products that offer their customers the best value for money. This year is not like last year, as the prices of nuts have skyrocketed because of the raised customes on imported goods, which made it hard for the middle class families to be able to afford oriental sweets with nuts in Ramadan this year.

Do you have what it takes to come up with an innovative recipe for an Oriental-Western dessert that is delicious and affordable?

A reward of 3,000 will be provded to the best recipe, read below for details!

The challenge:

An innovative recipe and design for a hybrid of western cakes and eastern sweets, such as Basbusa and Konafas, is required! The product should be acceptable as a gift for the masses in Ramadan, is easy to consume and easy to make in large quantities.

As a leading patisserie and bakery company, and the first to come up with such fusional products, the Solution Seeker is looking for a brand new cake. Innovators are advised to avoid repeating ideas like the following:

  • Konafa with Manga

  • Red Velvet Konafa/ Basbosa

  • Konafa with Nutella

  • Konafa with dates

  • Osmalia cups of konafa and sponge 

The proposed solution has to satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The product should to be able to withstand the high temperatures of the summer during transportation from the shop to the customer destination;
  2. The product should be easily placed in a presentable box or a plate which is easy to handle and carry;
  3. The new product should be given a nice and attractive name;
  4. The product price has to be from 80 to 100 L.E.


Reward and Other Conditions:

A reward of 3,000 L.E. will be provided to the best recipe and design, provided by the solution seeking company, given that the submitted solution includes the following:

  1. The exact ingredients of the product, along with the prices;
  2. The method of making the product, preferrably as a video;
  3. An innovative name of the product. 

Project By

Leading Patisserie & Bakery Company


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