Heavy-Duty Transport Cart

by Multinational Company

   Cairo, Egypt

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Multinational Company

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A reputable multinational company working in more than 100 countries is looking for low-cost, yet reliable, solutions from startups, research centers, universities, and students to design a heavy-duty and easily-manoeuvred transport cart with lifting ability to transport electrical panels and switchgears cubicles A call for Industrial Designers, Design and Production Engineers to submit Technical and Financial Proposals for the design and production of a transport cart that facilitates the transfer and the assembly of primary switchgears across  the production line, thus boosting operational efficiency through a  smoother workflow and reduced  time. Read below for full details!

The Problem:

The solution seeker uses  heavy duty transport carts in the production process to simplify different procedure such as separating, lifting and transporting devices or products from one place to another. They are one of the most indispensable and essential equipment needed in the day-to-day operations to boost workflow efficiency and reduce the risk of workplace accidents consequently cutting down associated  expenses.

Current System Characteristics:

For longitudinal movement,the company currently uses a roller system that is mounted on supports on the floor, while for cross movement cross carts are used.

These currently used roller systems aren't practical and efficient enough and consume time and effort especially when it comes to lift and transport the multiple cubicles of the  primary switchgear.

Transport Mechanism:

The primary switchgear is composed of number of cubicles that are separated. These cubicles are assembled on the same production line to undergo the 1st electrical test at the end of the line where it is considered a pick up point. By the end of this test, the cubicles are then moved for the location of the 2nd electrical test that can vary according the workplace (the company has 19 workplaces).

All the cubicles of the same switchgear should be finished from production line and moved in order to the 2nd electrical test location. For instance: a primary switchgear consists of 4 cubicles (C01, C02, C03 and C04). If C04 is finished first from production line; this cubicle will remain in any parking area till C01, C02 and C03 are finished.

Requirements Overview:

Design a heavy duty transport cart to move and lift the cubicles of the  primary switchgear individually from one location to another according the electrical tests needed on the production line .The proposed solution should fulfill the following requirements:

1.The lifting should be by the complete upper surface of the cart, as the base of the cubicle has a big opening for cables entry, that can be opened or closed;

2. The cart can be easily maneuvered to different locations according to the needed tests;

3. The cart has a brakes system for safety;

4. The design fulfil the following dimensions criteria:

Submitted solutions should include:

A preliminary proposal (about 2-4 pages)  including:

A)Technical requirements:


    -Technical background:

  1. identification of the problem,

  2. justification for the proposed work:


           b)Previous experience in implementing similar projects,

           c)Identification of Critical Needs

     -Technical approach:

  1. objectives;

  2. the status of the work progress;

     -Project schedule,

B) Finicial Requirements :

    -Estimated costs

    - Equipment and facilities


  • The technical proposal should clearly state how it meets the aforementioned criteria;

  • The financial proposal should include all potential costs, including equipments purchased,others items that need to be constructed …..etc.

  • In case of winning, the applicant will be requested to deduct a  5% for Yomken.com management fees from the final budget

  • The IP rights will be kept for the innovator.

  • As per our platform Privacy Policy, in case the intellectual property rights are not registered, the innovator should include the minimum details required to judge the technical validity and feasibility of the solution without full technical specifications.



Project By

Multinational Company

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