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How can we create a positive and impactful culture shift amongst municipal complaint management staff?

Want to help us improve the quality of services given to citizens at municipal complaint management offices? We are looking to improve the culture in their workplace when dealing with citizens’ complaints by providing a serious game that will simulate real-life complaint handling within public complaint management offices.

We’re looking for game developers, computer and software engineers to design and implement an innovative serious game that highlights areas that need to improve in their services provided. If you’d like to partner with us, please read on for more details!

Challenge Background:

In this challenge, we are collaborating with GIZ to find a way to improve the quality of services provided to citizens in municipal complaint management offices by enhancing the performance and behaviour of employees while handling their complaints. We want to do this by creating an innovative game that works on shifting the work culture employees have, and analyze their performance to understand the gaps between citizens’ expectations and public administration in a realistic manner.

Why Serious Games?

● Have been proven to be an effective learning and training tool compared to classical learning.

● Include a constant high level of interaction as well as engagement from the learners.

● Provide details and graphical environment similar to the real workplace along with the characters that the employees could interact with on daily basis.

This will allow an ideal atmosphere to trigger a culture shift of public employees’ behaviour regarding how to deal with citizens and submitting or following up with their complaints. Positive culture includes but is not restricted to hospitality, respect, friendliness, professionalism, political correctness, ownership of work, being able to empathize with citizens, cultural competency, using correct language, etc.

The Challenge

To find innovative and practical ideas for a gaming system that aims to encourage positive behaviour from employees when dealing with daily complaints received. This game shall simulate real-world complaint processing experiences and evaluate the employees’ performance based on the satisfaction of characters in the game.

Both the proposed solution and final solution should clearly demonstrate the following criteria:

● Encourage a culture shift in complaint management when dealing with citizens in municipal complaint management offices to be able to create a good employee/citizen relationship and respond to them in a professional, respectable, and timely manner.

● Create a system that simulates real life processes and revolves around how the employee addresses different situations in a graphical environment of their workplace.

● Should provide tracking feature for upper management to follow the progress it creates in the workplace.

Upon successful selection of the winning solutions, GIZ shall link the awarded providers to the relevant entities hosting the implementation of the solutions. This will be a selected complaint management office in a municipality in Cairo or Monofeya (e.g. Shoubra, Maadi, Ashmoun or Shebin El-Kom).

For supporting documents and additional data that can be used in designing the game please see the Complaint Management Toolbox shared by the GIZ/IPSP team.

How to participate?

1. Submit a complete application form by the deadline of April 30th 11:59 pm EST. This application should clearly demonstrate how the outlined criteria will be met. Please also include a demo in the form of a video (max 5 mins) that explains the game mechanics and rules.

2. Three shortlisted candidates will be chosen based on the innovativeness of their solutions and will be invited to present their ideas to a committee consisting of GIZ members and government officials in a pitch competition.

3. A winner will be chosen to sign a contract with the GIZ to implement their solution in full effect. The innovator(s) will be responsible for designing and creating the full app and committed to providing technical assistance to deal with any problems that may occur within the first year after delivery of the solution. The final product should include the following criteria:

○ A fully developed game system that monitors the employee performance according to citizens’ satisfaction.

  • An information collecting feature of employee progress on a continuous basis for systematic review, analysis and informing service development.

○ Auto-generation of the degree of satisfaction based on the input data

○ Asses and analyze the gaps between the customer and the employee in terms of satisfaction and understanding.

○ A capability of creating user accounts.

○ A simple Arabic Interface that is curated towards complaint management staff in public offices.

○ Usability and Friendly User Experience.

○ Being technically robust, e.g. the application is stable and bugs-free, data entered is secure etc.

○ The game must be able to run on Android and IOS devices. A copy must be brought to the jury during the finals.


The three shortlisted candidates will have the opportunity to present their ideas in a pitch competition attended by GIZ members and government officials and will gain exposure within the development community.

The winner from the pitch competition will receive:

- A reward of 80,000 EGP (Inc taxes) provided by GIZ/IPSP to implement the solution with their collaboration. The reward will be given in instalments, in accordance to milestones set by the innovator(s) according to their plan of action. Winners will also receive:

- Recognition and support from the IPSP/GIZ across their networks.

- The possibility of future collaboration with GIZ.

- Acknowledgement of the winner amongst GIZ partners.

As per our platform Terms and conditions and in case the intellectual property rights are not registered, the innovator should not disclose any sensitive unprotected information. Meanwhile, they should include all technical details required to judge the technical validity and feasibility of the solution. The Intellectual Property of the well-developed app will be to the government and GIZ.

You can submit a solution at any time. Before doing so, we strongly recommend you read the rules and FAQs.

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