Fisheries Cleaning Device

by WHI in Port Said Association

   syracuse, Egypt

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Women’s Health Improvement in Port Said Association


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This challenge aims to solve the water pollution problem and its effect on the fishery by creating a device to help purify the lead element and other elements that cause cancerous diseases from the water.

The fishery is considered a major source for national income in Egypt, as it helps provide internal food needs and help develop other industries with it, not to mention that fish are considered a source for safe protein globally. Fisheries occupy vast areas in Egypt, over 13 million acre or close to 150% of agricultural land in Egypt; these fisheries include seas such as the Red and Mediterranean seas, lakes such as Manzala, Burollus and Port Fouad, freshwater fisheries such as the Nile, canals and drains and artificial fisheries as well such as Nasser and Al-Rayan lakes.

PortSaid has two seaports:

  1. PortSaid Seaport:

Located on the northern entrance of Suez Canal, this port is considered one of the major ports in Egypt due to its prime location on the entrance of the world's largest shipping lane (Suez Canal). It’s also located in the middle of the largest commercial shipping line connecting Europe to the Middle East as well as considered the largest transit port in the world.

  1. East PortSaid Seaport:

Located east of the eastern Tafreea to Suez Canal and is considered a main centre for world trade between Europe and East of the Red Sea.

The main problem facing workers in fishing and fisheries is the accumulation of large amounts of lead and ammonia in fishery’s water which leads to them settling as sediments in the fish, thus transferring to the human body when consumed causing diseases such as cancerous diseases and could lead to death. The fish in PortSaid rotting will result in a huge crisis, especially as it is a coastal city and many of its citizens eat fish and coastal cuisine a lot of the time.

Designing a device to help clean the fish farms’ water from lead and elements leading to cancerous diseases with the following specifications:

  • Must absorb the lead and elements leading to cancerous diseases

  • Must clean and separate the lead from the fisheries’ water

  • High quality product

  • Cheap so it can be easily obtained

This challenge provides an opportunity in both local and international markets as the fishery is considered a major income source for the residents in PortSaid Governorate, as well as a large population of people living in coastal cities around the world.

The award total will be 16,000 EGP, given as follows:

  • The prize will be given in parts, in accordance to milestones set by the solver according to his/her plan of action.
  • Prototype funding is included in the prize itself, unless the solver presents a working prototype or is able to provide someone or somewhere willing to fund it.

Project By

Women’s Health Improvement in Port Said Association


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