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   Port Said, Egypt

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Workers' non-collaboration leads to a negative work environment, reduced productivity, and relatively low profits. This challenge looks for an innovative solution to incentivize technical workers to collaborate more inside factories. If you are an HR specialistorganizational behaviour expert or gamification professional, this challenge is for YOU! Suggest a new way for communication among workers, a methodology for work distribution and allocation of roles, a training program to encourage teamwork etc. Your solution could be based on administrative measures, training programs, and/or technological solutions.

A reward of about 20,000 L.E. will be provided to implement the best solution, read below for more details!


Challenge Background:

The work environment greatly affects the spirit and morale of workers and is in turn reflected on their performance. For instance, cooperation among workers leads to many benefits such as sharing of knowledge and experience in a quick and effective way that result in increased productivity and high levels of innovation inside the workplace. Collaboratio also increases the level of workers satisfaction and their engagement at work and results in an increase in a company profits.

In a study performed in the Canal region on the quality of employment, workers' satisfation with the different factors that affect collaboration among them did not exceed 50% in most of the cases, as the graph below shows[i]

The numbers shows that there is a problem but at the same time an opportunity to improve the quality of teamwork!

Problem Description:

The problem of lacking cooperation among technical workers can take more than one form. For instance:

  • Workers do not care much about teaching each other work techniques and production quality measure.

  • Many times, new workers are not well-received by the older ones, where the latter do not help the new recruits in doing their job or share their experiences with them.

  • Constant conflict among workers leads to reduced production and instability in the workplace.

  • In cases where the production process is divided between more than one department, cooperation is not good enough to boost the total production rates and produce products that are special and of high quality.

As for the reasons leading to non-cooperation, it includes but is not limited to the following: 

The Challenge:

This challenge aims at finding an innovative solution to the lack of collaboration among technical workers in companies and factories. Though some members of the Federation of Economic Development Association (FEDA) in Port Said presented this challenge[ii], many studies show that the problem is quite common in other areas.

It is important to highlight that the required solution does not have a specific format, for example, it could be a new way for communication among workers, a methodology for work distribution and allocation of roles, a training program to encourage teamwork and boost team spirit etc. Also, the solution can be in the form of administrative measures, training programs, and/or technological solutions.

The proposed solution has to satisfy the following specifications and criteria:

  • Elevating the workers morale, developing cooperation spirit, and fostering the human relations among workers;

  • A methodology to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed solution on productivity increase, reduction of problems among workers, boosting cooperation, and reducing the levels of workers turnover;

  • A mechanism to train the production process supervisors on the proposed solution implementation and follow up;

  • Enhancing the relationship between managers and their subordinates and facilitating social interaction between the administration and the workers;

  • Bridging the different points of views among workers and overcoming the negative effects of bias.

  • Innovation and simplicity, with minimum effect on the production process flow;

  • Low-cost and high impact;

  • Sustainability;

Moreover, the proposed solution should be compatible with the work activities in different factories and companies, the differences in the number of workers in each entity, as well as, the difference in workers education level where the majority of workers cannot read and write.

Reward and Other Conditions:

A reward of about 20,000 L.E. will be provided to implement the best solution in collaboration between the factory seeking the Solution and the Innovator, according to the following conditions:

  1. The presented solution is in the form of a proposal including the implementation and follow-up details as well as the expected results.

  2. In the case of technological solutions, it is preferred to present a proof of concept or a prototype.

  3. The proposed solution should be Open Source such that it can be replicated in different factories and companies without restrictions.

  4. The solution should include a clear action plan for implementation, clarifying the time estimated for each action and the required budget, where the reward money will be given in instalments based on milestones defined by the innovator in the plan.

[i] Labour Market and Needs Assessment Baseline Study, Suez Canal Zone, GIZ-Labour Market Access Programme (GIZ-LMAP), October 2015

[ii] This challenge was identified through an “Ideation Workshop”, facilitated by team, in collaboration with the Federation of Economic Development Associations (FEDA) in Port Said and the “Social Innovation for the Labour Market in Egypt Platform”, to elicit the pressing challenges facing companies and factories in the field of employment and job quality (More info here). 


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