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Toys Factory


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Can you design a DIY kit for local Soft Dolls and introduce it to the market? Do you want to draw a smile on hundreds of kids in their Eid celebration?

A local toys factory is calling for products and toys designers, makers, artists and entrepreneurs to design a folkloric Egyptian DIY kit for soft doll characters. The doll is to be constructed at home for children and offered in the market as a DIY (do it yourself ) kit.

This challenge aims to offer new selling channels to small businesses and factories in Egypt, in an attempt to adjust their business models to fight the economical effects of the pandemic. Please read the following for more details!


Toys and cartoon characters are part of Egypt's culture. Egyptians express their opinions, ideas, and inspiration through animation figures.

Since the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the lockdown across the country has suddenly affected many parts of society. Most factory workers face a double threat:  they must protect themselves from contracting the virus while keeping a source of income for them and their families. Meanwhile, factories in many sectors are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy due to the dramatic changes in their customer behavior.  

Many families prefer to go out from their quarantine only to buy their essential needs and, of course, toys are not included. In the same context, families are struggling to find a new source of recreation for their kids and even for themselves!

While toys imports from China have been put on hold due to the crisis, it is now an extremely opportune time for local factories to contribute to the economy! Many of them try to retrieve through adjusting and diverting to new marketing channels to weed out the crisis. A toys factory, in Omraniya, Egypt, wants to take part in the adjustment process through innovation to be able to continue through the arisen crisis without cutting down its labor force nor shrinking their wages.

The factory is looking for innovative ways to support its workers during their next season of Eid while offering children an opportunity to learn a new craft and have a unique DIY experience at home to entertain them during the lockdown. 

The Challenge

You are asked to design a ready-for-production DIY kit of folkloric Egyptian soft doll characters for children (e.g. Bougy & TamTam, Bakkar, etc.) and suggest how you can market it and deliver it to your early adopters and customers. The submitted solutions should clearly demonstrate the following:

  • Suggested dolls design (at least 1 folkloric character)

  • Suggested method of instructions (e.g. Video, Printed instructions, etc.)

  • Packaging design and method (design, material, etc.)

  • Marketing plan - How will you get your first 100 sales?

  • Implementation timeline 

  • Budget and pricing plan

How to participate?

Submit a complete proposal form (Click submit solution button above) before the deadline of 01/05/2020. Your application should clearly demonstrate:

    • How the outlined criteria will be met

    • Any resources (material or machines) that will be needed to implement the solution

    • An estimated budget outlining all costs associated with developing a final prototype of the solution.

    • A clear plan of action including implementation stages, timeline, required tools/materials, and technical support required (if applicable)

    • You may attach any relevant document to elaborate your solution (your design included)

    • Teams are highly encouraged to participate, however it is not a mandatory condition. 

Reward and Conditions

After the deadline, complete solutions will go through an evaluation and shortlisting process and the selected solutions will be eligible to received the following: 

  1. MARKETING SUPPORT:  Handy will offer to the top winners a subsidized access to its marketplace services which includes: Marketplace listing; Mentoring and guidance through the development process; Developing the kit's process; CRM System and an Instruction's video. 

  2. PRODUCTION SUPPORT:  If the winning solution would need additional support (manpower, raw material, equipment, etc.), the factory will be welcoming to support the innovator for a rapid access to production facilitites. Therefore, a contract will be signed with the factory to implement their solution in full effect. The innovator(s) will be responsible for the implementation phase according to the signed contract.

All these services will be offered with a discounted rate of 15% of the selling price + a preferential offer from the the factory for the production support for workers and material (tailored to the winner needs). 

As per our platform Terms and Conditions, in case the intellectual property rights are not registered, the innovator should include the minimum details required to judge the technical validity and feasibility of the solution without full technical specifications.

You can submit a solution at any time. Before doing so, we strongly recommend you to read the rules and FAQs.

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Projet par

Toys Factory


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