Innovation is the lifeblood of the consumer packaged goods industry and we are focused on bringing innovative products to market in all areas.

We help our customers create new products, ideas and services according to global market prospecting and creative solutions based on R&D creative mindsets workshops.. For example: Creating a new flavor for a company that produce specific types of fruits.


1) Products Innovation: We develop products with innovative solutions and inventions according to people's demand. Provide innovative ingredient, product, packaging, process or sustainability ideas.

2) Create and design new products.

3) Develop current services and products.

4) Identifying an appropriate commercialization pathway.

5) Marketing and Branding Assistance.

6) Continually improve the performance of current business.

7) Generate new business models.


• Better brainstorming, creative thinking, lateral thinking and problem solving.

• Ongoing guidance and input to develop ideas.

• Collaborate with consumers, inventors, scientists and businesses that can help us enhance your company.

About the founder:

An experienced Human Resources professional mostly in HR Consulting, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Constructions and Distribution with exposure and experience in all HR practices among Egypt, KSA, UAE, Tunisia, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Slovakia and Austria, using Hits, Oracle, Moodle, Hay Methodology, Mindset and Thomas Assessment.


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People-Centric Product Development and Business Consultancy Company


Moataz Yahya




  • Financial support
  • Marketing
  • Technical collaboration

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