Upcycle Sugarcane Waste


In collaboration with the Charitable Islamic Association in Naga' Al Dar, Luxor, Yomken.com’s team implemented a solution to the challenge of "Upcycle Sugarcane Waste", which was published on Yomken.com’s platform under the auspices of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology to find innovative solutions to collect and grind the sugarcane dry leaves to turn them into animal feed, to replace the pollutant disposal methods followed by the farmers which harm the agriculture land (could cause desertification in some cases) and the environment.

The Solution

The winning solution was of using the ordinary water pump's motor, which is used to irrigate the planted lands to drive an additional machine, which grinds the sugarcane dry leaves. The machine is small in size and practical, to suit the different sizes water pumps. It has an affordable price to be easily installed for farmers, suiting their economies.

The solution is currently being built to be implemented with the reward provided by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in collaboration with the Charitable Islamic Association in Naga' Al Dar.

The Challenge

The "Upcycle sugarcane waste" challenge aims to manufacture a locally designed and manufactured wastes grinding machine.

The Solver

Dr. Abdelraouf Ramadan is an assistant professor of agriculture engineering-National research centre.



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  • Asad  Alhaignh
    Asad Alhaignh
    Posted on 2020-12-27 23:00:31
    يمكنك بسهوله بيعه كا غذا موشي او فرش تحت الدواجن

Short Description

A customized water pump which is used by farmers to water the agriculture land and  to turn the grinder machine attached to the pump to be occasionally used in turning the sugarcane dry leaves into animal feed.

Solution for:

Upcycle Sugarcane Waste

by الجمعية الخيرية الإسلامية

Luxor Egypt


18000 EGP


Abdelraouf Abdelghany




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