Energy Source for Pottery


In collaboration with The Businessmen Association in Tanta (which support the pottery makers in Farastak village),’s team implemented a solution to the challenge of "Energy Source for Pottery" which was published on’s platform under the auspices of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology to find an alternative energy source for pottery instead of traditionally gas cylinders and electrical furnace used as a source. The pottery industry in Farastak village depends on the heating source used, which threatens the village economy and all the citizens living due to the constantly increasing costs of these sources.

The Solution

The winning solution was a machine that transforms the agricultural wastes as biomass fuel which provides the high heating source with a temperature ranges from 1000°C to 1200°C. The machine uses digital control to adjust the temperature and all other parameters.

The Challenge

TheEnergy Source for Pottery challenge aimed to innovate a machine which delivers sufficient energy to pottery and ceramics industry.

The Solver

Eng. Mahmoud Matar is a mechanical engineer, specialized in mechanical designing, supervision and manufacturing lines designs.


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  • محمد الحرفي
    محمد الحرفي
    Posted on 2021-12-21 03:26:37
    ممكن نبذة أوسع حبتين وازا في شحن ع سوريا
  • Magd Ali
    Magd Ali
    Posted on 2020-03-18 12:17:01
    الجهاز ب 65الف طيب الاستهلاك اليومى للخامة التى تحرق تكلفتها كام مقارنة بالكهرباء والغاز
    والصيانة وقطع الغيار والاعطال فين دراسة الجدوى؟

Short Description

An efficient and low-cost biomass gasifier use agriculture wastes as fuel, delivering sufficient energy for pottery and ceramic industry.

Solution for:

Energy Source for Pottery

by جمعية رجال الاعمال

Farastak Egypt


65000 EGP


Mahmoud Matar




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