Dust Hazard Prevention


In collaboration with the GIZ LMAP Project, Yomken.com’s team received many solutions to the challenge of "Dust Hazard Prevention"which was published on Yomken.com’s platform to find innovative solutions to the dust produced during different manufacturing processes of wood and cardboard products, which causes serious health and environmental issues.

The Solution

The cyclone collects the dust that rises in the air from different machining processes in the factory, the collected air then passes two phases filtering stages to separate  coarse particles in the first stage and a second stage for fine particles up to 5 microns in diameter to prevent the hazards associated with the exposure to this dust.

The Challenge

The "Dust Hazard Prevention" challenge aims to manufacture a locally designed and manufactured dust collector (cyclone). The solution was funded by the GIZ LMAP project and implemented and tested at KEFAC Hydraulic & Pneumatic Factory.

The Team

Ahmed Abd Elmaged  and Ahmed Hassan are freelance mechanical engineers specialized in machine design and prototyping. They were interested in solving this challenge to improve the working conditions for factory workers.

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  • Farrag Koriem
    Farrag Koriem
    Posted on 2021-08-17 21:49:46
    فكرة ممتازة ولكن الخراطيم البلاستيكة قد تؤدي إلى انفجار غباري نظرا لتوليدها لهذه الكهرباء عند مرور الغبار بداخلها اقترح تحسين الفكرة واستبدالها بواسير معالجة.

Short Description

A cyclone system to purify and filter the air from dust in factories.

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Solution for:

Dust Hazard Prevention

by GIZ

Cairo Egypt


45000 EGP


ahmed hassan





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