Improved Solar Heater


In collaboration with Shamsina,’s team implemented a solution to the challenge of "Improved Solar Heater" which was published on’s platform under the auspices of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology to find an improved design for solar water heaters to communities in Egypt with limited access to electricity.

The Solution

Solar Water Heater

The winning solution is a modified design for solar heaters. The design has better efficiency and lower cost with a compatible size and the structure can be easily dismantled and reconstructed. It has a pyramid shape with a copper pipeline covered with black glass to deliver maximum heat to the water passage. The water's temperature reaches up to 80-degree celsius depending on the climate conditions.

The Challenge

The “Improved Solar Heater” challenge aimed to innovate a solar heater design with high efficiency, low-cost and high capacity.

The Solver

Z.S.Abd El Rehim - Professor. Engineer in solar energy.

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Short Description

An efficient and low-cost solar water heater with an aesthetic appeal and compatible size.

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Solution for:

Improved Solar Heater

by Shamsina

Cairo Egypt


10000 EGP



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