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After his graduation from the Faculty of Engineering - Ain Shams University, Eng. Ahmed Okasha traveled to Germany to study and specializes in Technological Industries. During his journey, a very simple idea grabbed his attention. It was the “Can Crusher” used to compress the aluminum or tin cans in order to recycle them and also minimize the space they occupy in any trash. The product provides 66% more space in your trash and also optimizes the overall environmental efficiency. It only costs 35 LE (5 USD) for households!

Back to his homeland, Eng. Ahmad thought that the “Can Crusher” will have a significant demand in Egypt. Firstly, for households that want to dispose the cans in a more environment-friendly way using the waste sorting concept and equally important also to prevent taking them too much space in the trash. For home use, the Can Crusher is made by MDF wood and priced 35 L.E. You can choose the color that matches with your kitchen! Watch the video:

In addition to households, there are many hotels, restaurants, kiosks, businesses and factories that need to get rid of waste in the least possible space and with a method that ensure time and effort efficiency.

Finally, the garbage collectors themselves consider this tool as a magic solution to save time and transportation cost. The product helps as well in preserving our environment and creates jobs (in average a job can be created for each Heavy duty Can Crusher. The product will also fight kids’ lack schooling rates, notably in poor areas in Egypt.
The idea of the machine is a to place the empy can on the surface and manually pushing the machine’s arm in order to compress that can with less than 4 centimeters.


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