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Story behind the product:

In ancient Egypt, mother-of-pearl was used for decorative purposes as far back as 4000 BC. However, the industry is currently facing a huge challenge and notably a price control by few raw-material producers.

Mr. Gharib Mahmoud owns a small workshop in Manshiet Nasser, Cairo’s Megaslum and would be really happy to find consumers for his new grass-root innovation.


The idea was to try to overcome the monopoly of the mother of pearl material in Egypt by introducing a new innovative product to the market which is a faldable and multi-layered table. The table is designed with Islamic and Arabic designs. The four arms of the table are faldable in order to be easily packed, carried and stored. The table's dimension is around 40x40 cm.

The wood used is Beech wood, known for its qualities such as its durability and firm standing in all kinds of climates.

The table has 3 different layers: the first for chess, then the second for and the third is a generic table that you can place in any of your house rooms.

Although most of the tables have dark colors (black or brown), you can request painting the table with the other colors... let's say more cheerful!


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A foldable and multi-layered chess table for your home!


Gharib Mahmoud Mahmoud



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