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The T-Shaped game is one of the many intelligence games that are unavailable in the Egyptian and Arab markets… The letter “T” should be shaped by putting together the four lightweight parts of the game, this is actually how the game is manufactured for kids in foreign markets. Given the passion of Mr. Mohamed Hassanein to develop children’s creative minds through games, he developed the design of the game till he reached to create with the four plastic pieces more than 119 different shape for the child varying in degree of difficulty.

But it's not as easy as you imagine! Shaping the T letter alone may take from the person who reads this thread between a 15 and 30 minutes to be able to figure out how to form the different shapes as shown in the game’s catalogue.
Mr. Hassanein, despite the fact that this game fits the age group of 8 years old, was able to experience it with children at the age of two who learned and enjoyed solving the different puzzles. He developped that game and thought of other similar toys which rely primarily on mathematical challenges to help the development of children's intelligence.
The game is not only based on arranging shapes, but also the development of the child's way of critical thinking and his/her ability to imagine the other 120 forms that could be designed from the same four pieces. The different forms come in a table with the game in one package of 20 LE.

For more information about Mr. Mohamed Hassanein, his product and how he started in this field have a look on the video.




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The T-Shaped game is one of the many intelligence games


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