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What is Mobike ?


In small cities it's always enjoyable to move around with a bicycle. You stay fit and you save money. However, in bigger cities it's very difficult to move around with a bicycle everywhere. For a bicycle lover like me who moved recently to a big city like Cairo, that was a nightmare. I can't take the sub with my bike and it's a hassle to always carry the strap to hang it outside my car. According to the World Bank the traffic congestion in Cairo alone costs Egypt 50,000,000,000 EGP (7 Billion USD) yearly. It’s as much as 4% of the total GDP of Egypt; compared to other countries where it shouldn’t be more than 1%.

It was that incentive that motivated me to create a foldable bike that is only 12.5 KG in weight so it's light enough to take it around when commuting in transportations and make it of iron so it's strong enough to withstand all the Egyptian roadbumps. It's ideal for commuters because it's first and only bicyle you can take to the sub. Provided the new Metro line, you can go pretty much anywhere with your Mobike.


Problem Statement


There is a couple of initiatives that encourages cycling to overcome this problem, yet it is your role now to be part of the cycling buzz in a practical way!

It was that incentive that motivated me to create Mobike. We are rethinking commuting in big cities of Egypt by tackling the heart of the problem.

The reason is because most commuters travel long distances and can’t just take the bike with them everywhere. We took this exact statement and designed a bicycle that answers this problem.


Mobike occupies the minimal space possible and you can carry it with you to the sub or in the trunk of your car. Now, you can go everywhere, save more time, escape the traffic and be part of the solution.


Technical Specifications



Length Before Folding

Length After Folding

Height Before Folding

Height After Folding


Height Before Folding:

100 cm

Height After Folding:

100 cm

Length Before Folding :

85 cm

Length After Folding:

145 cm


12.5 KG  

















About Innovator


Mahmoud Yassin is a young Egyptian from Mansoura. What makes Yassin different is that he doesn’t see problems, he only sees challenges to overcome. Mobike is one dream of his to change commuting in Egypt and this campaign will allow him to have his own 100% Egyptian workshop that makes premium Mobikes for every Egyptian.


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  • Abdelaziz Gedella
    Abdelaziz Gedella
    Posted on 2017-05-10 17:34:21
    فكره جميله جداً وهتفيد الشباب كتير خاصة في الدروس وكده ربنا يوفقك يارب

Short Description

The first foldable bike in Egypt. You can put it in the trunk of your car or take it down the subway.


Mahmoud Yassen




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