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When people in Egypt go shopping in hypermarkets and malls, their receipts always have small fractions remaining, which are not really used. So would not it be better if such fractions were directed towards projects that really need it?! This is the idea of fakkah organisation.

Fakkah Organisation for Entrepreneurship and Community Partnerships is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that submitted a challenge on Yomken.com for developing a Smart Box that collects such fractions.

In response to the challenge, Rachid Oulad Madani, a Moroccan developer submitted a solution that does exactly that. His innovation was selected as the Winning Solution and the video in the gallery above shows the box prototype as submitted by Rachid.

The challenge was about developing a Smart Box with a touch screen, a sensor to track the inserted fractions, an option for the customer to choose which project their fractions go to, a mechanism to issue an electronic receipt for each transaction, a feature to monitor the overall fractions amount given by each customer  and live animation slides inside the Box.


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A smart box to collect fractions (Fakkah) remaining in bills in stores to support projects that build and develop communities in Egypt.


Rachid Oulad madani





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