Gasification is one of most important sources of energy. Gasification adds value to low or negative value feedstocks by converting them to marketable fuels and products. Using gasification technology by putting the feedstock under high temperature with controlled air fuel ratio and operating pressure During this process, hazardous contaminations in the waste are collected and syngas is passed through purification system to be useable.

We use useles materials and convert it into gas which can be used in : in boilers – turbines – burners – engines Besides power, we could get some synthetic materials, solvent, fuels and fertilizers with syngas. We can convert it to methanol and ammonia using chemical processes. Methanol becomes plastics, adhesives and fuel too. Ammonia becomes fertilizers and nylon clothes.

For the sake of this vision, our team is working on a prototype which the “Fluidized Bed Gasifier” is the main piece followed by purification phase to have clean syngas to power internal combustion engine to get mechanical power and further clean electricity. Our target is to establish decentralized power units with small and medium capacities from 5 kW to 250 kW mainly in the hands of people with farms and organic products businesses.

Project consists of:

  • Fluidized bed main gasifier.
  • Feedstock pretreatment unit.
  • Mechanical feeding unit.
  • Particulate matter purifying.
  • Syngas water wash system.
  • Syngas cooling system.
  • Syngas pre-storage and compression unit.
  • Data acquisition and electrical control unit.
  • Application: Low-Emission Premixed Porous Inert Media (PIM) Burner.
  • Application: Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) with electrical generator.

We will solve some of problems in other gasifiers like Tars we will make control of combustion front we work on produce more purified gas.


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Short Description

Treatment of dry biomass to produce renewable green energy


mohamed hossam




نحن نعمل علي انتاج غاز نقي يصلح لمصادر الطاقه المتعدد كما تم الشرح سابقا ولئلك نحتاج الي 1- دعم مادي للمساعده في الحصول علي الادوات والمعدات المستخدمه فنحتاج الي اجهزه مثل Mass flow controller Gas analyzer Air flow meter compressor centrifugal fan Cyclone Pneumatic tools Thermocouples (K type) Plumping Arduino board Copper pipes collector Seal Thermal silicon Feeding auger Feeding bucket Heat insulator 2- نحتاج الي توفير مكان للعمل به نظرا للغاز الناتج ويجب استخدامه بطرق معينه 3- نحتاج الي دعم معامل وتحاليل ومختبرات لاجراء عده تجارب وقياسات 4- دعم برامج تدريبيه في شركات الاسمده والبترول للالمام بمحتويات ومتطلبات اخري من الممكن ان تساعد علي التطوير 5-دعم في احتضان المشروع لدي صاحب مزرعه او مطحن لتكون بدايه لاستثمار وترويج المششروع

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