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Abdallah Ragab created new designs for the Ferka, where the main motif was inspired by the ± ornaments of the mosques skyline and kufi calligraphy. He traveled to Naqada and trained the ladies creating the Ferka in El Shabat Elmoslemat Association in Naqada on the new designs.

These designs were submitted as a solution for "Naqada Needs You" challenge which was posted on in 2015. The video in the gallery above shows a part of the training workshop which was delivered by Abdallah to the young ladies in the Association.

What is Ferka?

Ferka is an Egyptian traditional and cultural handicraft that has been inherited by people of Neqada, Qenna Governorate from the era of the Pharaohs. Ferka is used to design scarfs for men and women from cotton and flax, using a manual weaving loom. Back in the seventies, this Ferka craft has greatly flourished, when every house in Neqada had its own loom to make Ferka products. Their scarfs, shawls, and wraps were exported to many African countries and others worldwide.

In recents years, because of the declinig economic conditions, as well as the lack of innovation and development in the craft, many artisans quitted the craft as it was not financially rewarding. 

What is Next?

In a recent visit by Team to the Association in March 2017, we happily found that Abdallah designs had a positive impact on the craft and that his designs are now sold, along with other innovators designs, nationally and internationally. Many of the Association products are now being sold on Etsy, an international peer-to-peer e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items. You can view the Ferka products here.

Mr. Hazem Tawfik, the Association Manager, commented on these recent developments saying that “With Abdallah's contribution we produced six new designs many of which are exhibited in national and international exhibitions". He also expressed his enthusiam for the next collaboration with to solve other challenges facing the Ferka craft.

The Innovator's Background:

Abdallah Ragab is an architect who studied architecture at Cairo university and has worked as a graphic designer, furniture designer and wooden crafts instructor. Abdallah's main interest is in pattern design and multidiscplinary art. He currently runs his own studio “Ain” that is specialised in interdisciplinary product design.

Facebook: /3ain.fcbk
instagram: /
Pottery Village, Kasr el-Shamaa st., Masr el-Kadiema, Cairo, Egypt.


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Innovative designs in Ferka inspired by Islamic art

Solution for:

Naqada Needs You

by Muslim Girls

Naqada Egypt


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