Magic Mug


A very smart and quircky way to send a hidden message. The cup is elegant, yet deceiving, black matte but once you start pouring your favorite hot drink inside it, it starts to slowly reveal its true colours beautifully and gradually.


What will you get?

We believe in personalization, this is why every mug we make is unique and is designed by you. Give it to your significant other, someone you care about. Magic mug is ideal for:

  • Personal use
  • Gift
  • Weddings
  • Company
  • Office

And we are also ready to accept big orders.

What are you waiting for? Check out our rewards and get your own magic cup now!



Campaign: October

Customizing Orders: 15th of October

Finalizing Orders: November

Starting Delivery: December


ِAbout Innovator:

Emad Ali is a social activist before he is serialpreneur. He participated in numerous social movements like "Egyptians Against Coal". He also works in couple of other startups like "Asli Arabi" where they design custom-made paintings inspired by the Arabic caligraphy so that each painting represents a message. Additionally, he is also part of Arabisque where he works in a team to combine the vintage rich culture we have with a trendy and exciting flavour to design mindblowing T-shirts that are completely unique in the market.


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Short Description

Send a hidden message that reveals only while sipping a hot drink.


عماد على




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