Pedal-Powered Charger


Have you ever tried to charge your mobile phone using your calories?

Amr EL Shaar, Ahmed Foad, and Wael Ibrahim, a team of passionate makers from Alexandria, made a system to convert the kinetic energy generated from cycling into electrical energy for recharging mobile phones on the go!

To utilise all the power generated while the cyclist is moving, the system includes a power bank to store all the generated energy, so that it can still be used for charging different devices while the cyclist is idle.

The device costs less that $20 virtue of its smart design and a 3D printed casing!

The Challenge:

This innovaion was submitted in respose to Charge Me challenge, where the Solution Seeker "Pedalo", the first courier company in Tunisia that delivers using only bicycles, was looking for a solution for their excessive need for connectivity and a longer battery life for phones during their rides. 

The Team:

Amr EL Shaar is the founder of Alexandrai Hackerspace, the first makerspace in Alexandria, Egypt. It provides a space for Alexandria's creative community to create solutions, modify products and implement prototypes, for a better world. Ahmed Foad and Wael Ibrahim are fellow makers in the Hackerspace.



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  • taha rabea
    taha rabea
    Posted on 2018-09-30 16:03:04
    رائع رائع رائع
  • Mohamed Abdel Hak
    Mohamed Abdel Hak
    Posted on 2017-08-14 00:10:52
    ابتكار جميل جداً لاستغلال الطاقة المهدره
    اتمنى نشوف نماذج مماثلة بطريقة بسيطه وعمليه

Short Description

A low-cost and digitally-fabricated device that converts the kinetic energy of a bicycle into electrical energy to charge mobile phones

Solution for:

Charge Me!

1500 TND

Charge Me!

by Adnen

Tunis Tunisia


1500 TND


Alexandria Hackerspace


Renewable Energy


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