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While working on a project for my cinema workshop, I realized I needed to find a camera slider to get the smoothest tracking shots for the project. I tried looking for a cheap one but I couldn’t find it, all the ones I could find were too expensive to buy or rent and that’s how I decided to start working on my own camera slider. So I created my own camera slider.


  1. First Step Slider is a product used to shoot movies.
  2. It can hold cameras up to 4kg.
  3. You can apply lenses or tripod head to it.
  4. The movements’ smoothness is 85% less than the original which is unnoticeable for the naked eye.

It’s perfect for amateurs!


Movie production cost will be less.


  • Make it from cast Iron
  • Increase the efficiency to 100%
  • Increase the variaty of sizes
  • Manufacture our own Tripod Head
  • For super high production we will manufacture a big camera slider and rent it for a cheap price.


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Perfect camera slider for amateur movie makers!


Asem Mohamed



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