Wazafny Shokran


Wazzafny Shokran: serious mobile game designed based on a manual to prepare blue-collars for the job market.

Through its participation in the Seious Gaming Hackathon event held at the Information Technology Institution last week the winning team of the Serious Gaming Hackathon, Castling studios, has proved their unique skills in designing a serious game called "Sha3bolla" to prepare blue-collars for the job market based on a training manual. The game involves decision making, time managment, in addition to, several fun mini games. The Concept of the game is to encourage players to examine their choices and think carefully of them while also having fun. The game aims at empowering blue-collar workers and job seekers struggling to figure out what's necessary to do and what's not when it comes to preparing for interviews and making good impressions on employers as well as clients.

The Challenge:

This innovation was submitted in response to the "Serious Gaming Hackathon" event which aimed at unleasing participants' creativity and talents by allowing them to develop an amusing and challenging game based on a manual to prepare blue-collars for the job market. The event  was hosted by The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in collaboration with the Information Technology Institute (ITI) and the Social Innovation Egypt Design Thinkers, along with Yomken.com.

The Team:

The team comprised of persons: Reham Ibrahim HeshamNoha ElmessiriAhmed HeshamMohamed Essmat, & Ahmed Ezz.


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A serious mobile game designed based on a manual to prepare blue-collars for the job market.


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