Sugarcane Leaves Cutting Machine


The continued decline in the average number of agricultural properties and the lack of an environmentally safe and economically viable solution for farmers, especially the younger ones, have led to non-exploitation of sugarcane leaves, as well as not being able to benefit from its waste. For that purpose two doctors from The National Research Center, Dr. Abdelraouf Eid and Dr. Maher Attia, have collaborated to find an innovative solution for such a challenging situation facing many farmers. They have created a simple, innovative machine using local materials for cutting and reaping the sugarcane leaves in which it will be suitable for small agricultural properties and be managed by the same pumping water tool. It is also equipped with large-sized rollers at the end of its outlet to content the waste of the chopped sugarcane to protect the environment from air pollution resulting from this process.


The Challenge

This innovation was submitted in response to the "Upcycling Sugarcane Waste" challenge, which aimed at finding an effective and creative solution to the sugarcane leaves problem and to benefit from the it by designing and implementing an innovative machine with small capacity and low cost to help farmers turn this waste into animals feed. This solution was presented in collaboration with, the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, and the Islamic Charitable Association in Nagaa Aldar - Luxor.


The Team

Dr. Abdelraouf Ramadan Eid - Assistant Professor of Agricultural Engineering at The National Research Center

Dr. Maher Fathi Attia - PhD student at The National Research Center


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Short Description

A simple innovative machine created using local materials designed specifically to cut and shred the sugarcane leaves to take advantage of it and turn it into animal feed.

Solution for:

Upcycle Sugarcane Waste

by الجمعية الخيرية الإسلامية

Luxor Egypt


18000 EGP


Abdelraouf Abdelghany




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