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Nowadays, we are facing climate change due to the emission of carbon dioxide that degrades the ozone layer and our health. According to the World Health Organization, 11 million people die from pollution every year, the majority of whom are children and elderly. To this end HYDROPOWER is positioning itself to solve this problem by proposing water as solution to our problem. First, imagine that Africa's coastlines and inland water sources are being used as a source of energy, the energy crisis and pollution will no longer have a place in our society. Our product targets companies and individuals, for this purpose the company HYDROPOWER is a great vector project to improve the lives of the African people. Our product is more efficient and innovative than what exists on the market because our product is constituted by its own principle very different from other welding stations namely an electric arc and HHO generator for the production of hydrogen and oxygen gases and at the end being combined inside a torch to weld metals.


General Objective:

Hydropower as a company aims to reduce the pollution of the environment by manufacturing HHO gas welding stations, we provide a solution for welding stations users because our HHO welding station is very special asit is very economical and less polluting.


Specific Objective: 

Short term:

  • To be present on the market in Togo.

  • To get to be known as quickly as possible in all markets in Togo.

  • To achieve a good sales frequency for our products.

  • To target the maximum number of companies.

  • To acquire markets as part of welding stations.

  • To promote the use of clean green energy by reducing pollution.


Long term:

  • To expand in other African countries.

  • Achieving perfection in the development of clean energy without CO2 emissions.

  • To create jobs for the African population especially my Muslim brothers who often face difficulties to have a job is because of discrimination against Muslims.

  • Increase market shares in renewable and clean energies for Hydrogen.

  • Diversify our products and services.

  • Launching the installation of large scale Hydrogen production plants in partnership with international manufacturers.


Problems Encountered:

During the test of the prototype of the water welding station, we noticed slow melting of metals, which does not allow the machine to be on the market because the other butane gas stations have high rates but they are polluting. Our flame is less hot than that of butane. Lack of financial means to continue.


The color of the flame is red which means that our flame is low in oxygen and we will have to look for a cheaper solution to turn the flame to blue by increasing oxygen shot in ambient area. Option taken is to build a mini system to enrich oxygen to make a finer and more efficient flame to enhance our water welding station. 


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Short Description

Today with the influence of environmental pollution by the emission of CO2 which degrades the life of our population, welding stations consumers would like to help their economies and preserve their health and the energy market with hydrogen that is almost non-existent on the African market. First, if only Togo is taken into account, at least 500,000 welders use arc welding stations or butane and carbide torches. That's why we HYDROPOWER propose welding stations similar to the electric arc and blow torch but with hydrogen and we target the population with more or less low income. Further afield we want to conquer the African market starting with Benin, Ghana, Burkina Faso and why not expand on a global scale.


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To complete the work already achieved, we need financial support to help us obtain a more competitive industrial product.

We are looking for a sum of 2500 €  for:

ELEMENT Unit Price Total Price
Raw material  1000€ 1000€
Labor 400€ 400€
Equipment 600€ 600€
Prototype 500€ 500€
TOTAL 2500€ 2500€


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