Egyptian Tuktuk


The project aims to manufacture an Egyptian Tuktuk using the components and parts of the Tricycle and Indian tuktuks due to the high cost of import and the acceptance of the tuktuk in the Egyptian market.

Method of implementation:

  • Fabrication of chassis from iron pipes and square box are available in the Egyptian market
  • Manufacture of external body of sheet metal of thickness 1 mm and half
  • New tricycle engine available in the Egyptian market and available spare parts
  • Various accessories and spare parts inside and outside Saudi Arabia
  • Better exterior shape using 1.5 mm iron sheet iron

The cost of assembling one tuktuk is about 20,000 EGP and there are currently orders from wholesalers and consumers.

The production capacity of the project is according to the working area:

At the beginning, rent a workshop of ​​50 square meters, with a capacity of 4 tuktuks per month.

If more space is provided for the project, for 500 square meters the capacity will increase to 30 Tuktuks per month.

A complete feasibility study for the project was conducted and the Egyptian market was studied for a full year and we reached the following facts:

  • The Egyptian market needs 50 thousand tuk tuk per year
  • The new design has received unanimous acceptance in terms of new design and competitive price
  • The sale price of the Indian Tok Tok in the market is currently 37,000 EGP and might be increased

The profits of this project shall not be less than 20 thousand pounds per month in the case of selling 4 Tuktuks.


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  • taha rabea
    taha rabea
    Posted on 2018-09-30 15:46:36
    فكره جيدة ولكن فارق السعر ليس بالكبير
    تحتاج لأن يكون فارق السعر بين منتجك وبين المنتج المستورد كبير حتى لا يكون هناك وجه للمقارنة بين منتجك وبين المنتج المستورد .
    وضع فى اعتبارك أن المنتج المستورد يتميز بشكل أنيق وهذا ما قد تفتقده فى مراحل انتاجك الاولى .

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 Egyptian Tuktuk assmebly workshop with a capital of 100,000 EGP 


Mohamed Farid




.Partnership in the project and financing the required capital of 60,000 EGP for 50% of the monthly profits
.Or to assist in the search for a businessman to finance the project

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