Sometimes more than one thing problem completely different could have the same solution.

First problem: Even in a closed room the AC stays working with full power endlessly. Second problem: Dust and fumes enter a closed room effortlessly.Third problem: Insects and bugs can slip easily in closed room as they do to open rooms.

The long term effect of these three problems: Pay higher bill of electricity. Shorten the lifespan of the AC. Unhealthy air to inhale in case of dust and fumes.

Dust eats and withers furniture and fabrics. Insects are unhygienic and not quite welcomed around the house especially if they breed inside the house and cause infestation. The house needs to be continually cleaned.

We studied the problem from all sides and we found that all of them have one common factor: A closed room isn’t that closed at all, it has more spaces than you think. After further studies we found that the biggest gaps exist below doors. The solution is simple: To close all these gaps.


Doors have different dimensions, this is why we experimented lots of designs and prototypes till we 

reached one final form. Hagez (Barrier in Arabic): A slick easy-to-use product that is intelligently designed to move smoothly under the door to completely seal the gap so it keep the dust out and fresh air in. It looks neat and it’s available in so many colours that it can blend easily with the design of your house/company.

It’s ideal for the Egyptian market because we have lots of dust and small crawling insects. 

Help us now and we promise to provide you with similar products with windows and other places that may have gaps in between them.

Our goal is to keep your environment clean with the simplest solutions. We do big effort with great passion to have a national impact.

For the available designs and required dimensions we will contact each customer by mail


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Hagez is a very simple and practical solution to prevent the dust from coming inside the room


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