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Potable water represents a major problem in Egypt and one of our most important challenges as contaminated water cause diseases such as cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, Virus C and kidney failure due to its high content of sand, dust, rust, bacteria and other contaminants that contaminate water during delivery through pipes.


The Solution


The unique I-Blue cartridge is the first integrated cartridge in the world with BCB technology; it’s the only cartridge with patent No: 28742, ISO, EAC, ACS and Certificated by WHO standards.


1-Removing lingering impurities in water such as solids, sands, dust, and rust with 5 microns.

2- Remove chlorine, fluorine, odours and caustic alkaline from water which affect the liver and kidney.

3- Anti-bacterial, micro-organisms and viruses.

4- Acid water tuning (pH).

5- Keep the necessary elements for body and healthy minerals to prevent water from CO2 absorption

6-Remove harmful dissolved substances in water (negative ions)

7- It's the most important function: adjust the water vitality which means to restore the water molecular shape which has been changed due to the pressure of water inside the pipes.

Alkaline: anti-cancer and less thirsty feeling by add minerals.

Value propositions:

1- Quality (medical Effect): high quality with first

1- anti-microable cartridge.

2- Removes Sanitation industrial and agricultural wastes from water.

3-restores water vitality.

2- Eco-friendly: organic materials.

3- Size: small size (one stage filter).


For more info visit https://www.piegypt.com/


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Short Description

An innovative multi-function water filter cartridge. It's the first patented Egyptian integrated filter cartridge in the world with bio-granular technology, offering you and your home the best pure fresh drinking water.


Muhammad Essam Eldin





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