Portable Egyptian Toilet


The device is an innovative medical device that is worn by the user under the clothes to help the user urinate and purify anywhere. It's designed to be unseen as the user wears it.

The urine is collected by descending in the tube into a bag mounted on the leg with a water pump so that the user can cleanse the urine. The bag's capacity is 2 liters, and changed daily or when needed. Inside the bag is a substance to convert urine into a gel.

This innovation aims to aid many medical patients to ease their life such as patients with:

  1. Urinary tract diseases.
  2. Quadriplegia.
  3. Diabetic.
  4. Involuntary urination.


  1.  A passenger inside a vehicle that can not stop.

  2. Surgical patients.

  3. Disability patients of all kinds.



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  • Ahmed Salah
    Ahmed Salah
    Posted on 2018-08-19 22:35:50
    حاول تقلل سعة الجهاز لان عند وصوله 2 لتر هيتقل عضلات القدم وهيكون مكلف ليك فى الخامات وكمان المشكلة وقتية مش هيمشي بيه طول اليوم بمعني محتاج تعمل علاقة بين الاستخدام واحتياج الانسان الفعلي هيطلع كام لتر يوميا بالظبط اكيد مش نص كيلوا فى المرة الواحدة

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The problem is that there are millions of people and dozens of cases that requires assistance during urination or suffer from involuntary urination and hence the idea "Egyptian Portable Toilet"


ذكي زكريا




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