Portable UIA Device


Of all the water quality parameters that affect and influence fish health and lifespan, Ammonia is one of the most crucial elements to monitor, as when the Total Ammonia Nitrogen (TAN) measurement exceeds zero it indicates the existence of toxic Un-Ionized Ammonia (UIA) that can be derived after measuring pH and temperature.
Generally, when the percentage of UIA exceeds 0.02 mg/L, it becomes potentially toxic to most fish species.

The Solution

This innovation was submitted in response to the challenge and won, as the design of the device uses three sensors to measure the Ammonia levels in water effectively and easily. It measures the following:

  • Total ammonia in Mg/L

  • Temperature Celsius

  • PH of 0-11

  • Electrical conductivity in fresh or saline water

  • Toxic Ammonia in Mg/L

The solution is currently being implemented with the reward provided by the USAID's SEED Project, in collaboration with Ministry of Trade and Industry with the Egyptian technology start-up Conative Labs

The Challenge

The aim of Conative Labs in the challenge “Portable UIA Device” was to design a low-cost portable device to automatically measure the toxic Un-Ionized Ammonia (UIA) in aquacultures, so that they can better control the environment, and consequently improve the quality of the fish produce.

The Team

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  • Amr Abdelrahman
    Amr Abdelrahman
    Posted on 2021-07-21 17:22:21
    كام سعر الجهاز واشترية منين وكم مدة ضمان الجهاز وخدمة مابعد البيع؟؟
  • علي القاضي
    علي القاضي
    Posted on 2021-01-24 12:15:46

    علي صبري
    اخصائي تفريخ سمكة
  • bugzii prooo
    bugzii prooo
    Posted on 2019-01-24 06:53:02

Short Description

A device to measure the Ammonia levels in water effectively and easily

Solution for:

Portable UIA Device

by Conative

Cairo Egypt


25000 EGP


Mohamed barakat





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