Rooftop Garden Units


A lot of people still struggle with maintaining a regular income, or maintaining one sufficient enough for them and their families. According to the World Bank around 25% of population were living below the national poverty line in the year 2010. Schaduf have a method to help these people and provide them with a way to grow their own food as well as a source of income.

The Solution
The winning solution was of medium cost unit with high capacity output compared to its size, that is easy to install and operate and made from local components.

The design was installed and tested from 1/9/2016 to 1/10/2016 with favorable results, as it produced 5kg of eruca with some difference between the upper and lower levels due to exposure to the sun. As such the design was modified to fix this issue with more lighting with the final unit cost of approximately 750 EGP/M2 when mass produced.

The Challenge

The “Rooftop Garden Units” challenge aimed to create a second source of income for low income areas, as well as help those who are interested in growing their own food, by creating a cost-competitive, high yield rooftop farm.

The Team
Eng/ Ehab Ahmed Kamel

Eng/ Suhila Mostafa Al-Anwar

Eng/ Mohamed Barakat Hamdy


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  • Mohamed Aboelsoud
    Mohamed Aboelsoud
    Posted on 2019-04-20 14:55:30
    فكرة ممتازة ارجوا التواصل لو فى ايميل

Short Description

A medium cost unit with high capacity output for rooftop gardening

Solution for:

Rooftop Garden Units

by Tarek

Cairo Egypt


7000 EGP


Mohamed barakat





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