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Mr. Adel El-Dib is living in Batn El-Baqar, a slum area in the border of the historic city of “Al-Fustat” which was first built as Egypt’s capital by Amr Ibn Al-Aas. Al Fustat was the center of the pottery industry back in the middle ages.

Unfortunately and similar to many potters in Egypt, Mr. Adel has left pottery for more than seven years and switched to use the so-called “fiberglass” due to its low cost. However, fiberglass is known to be classified as a “reasonably anticipated human carcinogen”. Its inhalable glass wool fibers increase risks for cancer.

With the assistance of Mr. Mahmoud Mokhtar, the first of his class at the  Faculty of Fine Arts, Almenia University in Upper Egypt, and Mr. Mohamed Abdel Mohsen, a young PhD candidate in Physics, they could innovate the ClayCooler which is a new eco-friendly product, highly needed in Egypt, especially in summer.




Using the same technology of the Egyptian well-known water holders  ”Qolah in Arabic”, the ClayCooler can chill water in 12 hours in Summer and in 2 hours in Winter.  In addition, there is a layer in order to preserve food for more than 5 days and keep it fresh (best used for fruits and vegetables). In order to increase air infiltration, Adel, Mahmoud and Mohamed have tried a new formula to increase the size and frequency distribution of pores in the clay.


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Using the same technology of the Egyptian well-known water holders


Adel El-Dib El-Dib



Mr. Adel would like the support of marketers to commercialize his masterpieces.

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