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The idea is to program a website using WordPress through which one can access scientifically documented historical information about all countries of the world in a fast and simplified way, where the reader can search for any country he/she wants to find any wanted information.

The website also serves university students in the departments of history, archeology and historical studies, which helps them to exchange knowledge experiences with each other and also gives them access to sources and references in a smooth and easy way.


To simulate search engines by programming a website that serves university students and also turns educational courses in the Arab world to electronic courses. Several types of support is needed:


  • Financial support to fund the domain on which the website will be uploaded, Wordpress programing costs,..etc

  • Knowledge support from university professors, researchers and university students who wish to benefit around the world to make documented and accurate historic content for readers in a smooth and scientific manor,

  • Support from university students to work with Wordpress with me to raise content and accelerate the appearance of the platform.


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A website using WordPress through which to access historical information scientifically documented about all countries of the world in a fast and simplified, where the reader can search for any country wants and reaches them and find all the information he/she wants.


فلوباتير ايمن كمال




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