IT Experts Needed


Eligibility conditions: 

1- Applicant must be Egyptian

2- Applicants should meet the qualifications  requested by each startup

3- If you are an expert in a different IT field than the needs of any of the participating startups, you may submit your contact info for future matchmaking opportunities with other German startups.

If you are interested in this project, please take a look at the attached start-ups description and send us the following documents in English: 

1- Detailed CV, which presents your previous studies, experience and your tasks in prior jobs. 

2- Motivation letter, explaining why do you think you fit for the start-up and the project. 

All submitted data will only be used for matchmaking purposes with current or future opportunities with German startups as determined by Self Management Initiative Leipzig SMILE representatives at Leipzig University.

For questions, please contact at or call us during working hours 01121666612

After reading the startups profiles, please choose from the following options:

I want to apply to one of the current startups

I am an Expert in a different IT field and I want to submit my contact info for future matchmaking opportunities

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