Nahdet ElMahroua


Main Activity: Social Entreprenurs

Start Year: 1970

NM is a unique hub of Egyptian young professionals, social change agents, and leaders in their fields. Board, staff, members, mentors, and of course social entrepreneurs, each is passionate about and committed to social change in Egypt


نعد نهضة المحروسة محور فريد لكل من الشباب المهنيين المصريين، رواد التغيير الإجتماعى، والرواد فى مجالات مختلفة. تعد أيضاً محرو لكل من فريق مجلس الإدارة، فريق العمل، الأعضاء، المستشارين، وأيضاً الرواد الإجتماعيين. حيث يعمل الكل بشغف تجاه التغيير الإجتماعى فى مصر

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Innovators? Entrepreneurs? Product Designers?

Yomken works with people who have brilliant ideas for innovative products and who are looking for financial, collaboration or marketing support to complete these ideas. Our platform helps you to get the needed PR and marketing for free! You may also get inspired by the challenges posted by others to solve them and get awarded in return!

NGO, Company or Governmental Agency?

Yomken enables you to find for innovative solutions outside the boundaries of your organization. Open-innovation enables you to use the power of social networking and the wisdom of the crowd. If you are a CSR department or a donor agency, you may also sponsor the solution of social challenges!

Looking for innovative ideas?

Yomken provides you a range of innovative products and ideas by some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the world. You can support your favorite entrepreneurs by sharing or possibly collaborating with them to improve or complete their products!

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