Main Activity: Innovation,

Start Year: 1970

Catalysis, the first student activity to originate from the ‘Credit Hours Engineering Programs – CHEP’ in 
Ain Shams University.

When it first started at 2009, it aimed to provide, as a student-held organization, financial and academic support to Ain Shams Engineering students with exceptional ideas for practical science and engineering projects to execute these projects. Catalysis' role was then developed to give the chance for students to apply the knowledge they gain throughout their studies in state of the art, science & engineering projects, which were provided in the form of Academic Committee workshops.

Then our principles expanded in 2011, at the end of 2010 with the merger of the student activity "BIG" with Catalysis(under Catalysis name), thus the Awareness Committee was introduced into the structure of Catalysis. It aimed at developing an awareness renaissance for all engineering students to become more functional members in our Egyptian society.

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