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by Baheya Foundation for Breast Cancer Treatment

   Cairo, Egypt

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Baheya Foundation For Breast Cancer Treatment


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How can we better track and respond to patient feedback?

Would you like to improve the quality of service provided to cancer patients by the Baheya Foundation? We’re looking to improve their lives by providing a system that will measure their experience, in real time if possible, so we can respond better during their various treatment phases.

Team up with Baheya to prevent breast cancer by measuring patients’ experiences of care and treatment to highlights areas that need to improve to provide a patient-led healthcare service. Patient feedback gives a direct insight into improvement opportunities by identifying and addressing the issues behind the patient’s dissatisfaction.

We’re looking for proposals from biomedical, computer and software system engineers to design and implement an innovative patient feedback system that highlights areas that need to improve through our service. If you’d like to partner with us, please read on for more details! 


Challenge Background:

Baheya Foundation for Early Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer is a non-profit organization that treats women with breast cancer for free from early detection through all stages of treatment including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, psychotherapy, physiotherapy and clinical nutrition.

Baheya Foundation Founded in 2015 to reduce the suffering of women from low-income families going through treatment which they can’t afford by providing the needed treatments as early detection increases the survival rate.

The best way to understand the patient experience is from patients themselves. That’s why Baheya needs you to create an innovative feedback system for suggestions and complaints to reach the patients in a systematic fashion to identify and tackle the real obstacles to provide a better healthcare service.


To find innovative and practical ideas to receive, respond, measure, track and follow up patient’s feedback at Baheya Foundation.  

The current implemented feedback methodologies include:

  • Call center

  • Suggestions and complaints boxes inside Baheya

  • Verbally through the managment's office

  • Facebook

  • Dedicated phone number

  • Website (implementation ongoing)

Baheya aims to encourage service users to comment directly about the standards and quality of services that are provided. To reach its goal, Baheya faces two main challenges:

  1. to facilitate the feedback method for patients while they are in Baheya premises, to be able to receive their feedback in real-time and respond to them in a timely manner through a technologically innovative solution with different and easy to use means of input.

  2. to have a common feedback system (Feedback/Complaints Ticketing System) that consolidates all entries received through the different means of feedback stated above, including all the data, giving full view of all feedbacks received to the person in charge to act, respond, follow and track all feedback, providing fast response according to each feedback severity/priority grade to the service user.

The submitted solution could include any or all of the following criteria:

  • Initiating a system which addresses patient/client complaints in a timely manner on Baheya’s premises.

  • Creating a system which is user-friendly and maintains confidentiality.

  • Collecting information on a continuous basis for systematic review, analysis and informing service development.

  • The feedback entry system in the premises to indicate exactly the person giving feedback, her/his current location inside the center, her/his feedback and whether it’s a suggestion or complaint.

  • An innovative solution for the premises feedback system should include different means of input to provide ease of accessibility for everyone, such as e-pen for writing, means of recording audio, an animated character guide, feedback via emojis, …



The best solution will be implemented at Baheya Foundation, the winner will also receive:

  1. Branding and marketing support from Baheya Foundation across all social media platforms.

  2. Priority for future challenges and contracting.

  3. Will circulate the winner with Baheya's Partners.

You can submit a solution at any time. Before doing so, we strongly recommend you read the Rules and FAQs

Submitted solutions should include:

A preliminary proposal document (about 2-4 pages) with all the technical and financial requirements, according to the following conditions:

  1. The technical proposal should clearly state how it meets the aforementioned criteria;
  2. The financial proposal should include all potential costs, including types of equipment purchased, others items that need to be constructed …..etc.The solution will be tested before final approval and receipt.
  3. The innovator/solution owner is committed to providing technical assistance to deal with any problems that may occur within the first 3 months after delivery of the solution.
  4. The proposed solution should include a manual of usage instructions and a training plan for employees to use the solution.
  5. As per our platform Terms and conditions in case the intellectual property rights are not registered, the innovator should not disclose any sensitive unprotected information, meanwhile, he should include all technical details required to judge the technical validity and feasibility of the solution.

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