Save the Tally Craft

by WCSI Association

   Sohag, Egypt

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منظمة تحسين أوضاع المرأة والطفل


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The challenge aims to create a market for the Tally crafts in Egypt similar to the international one by using the most creative designs that still keep the traditional style to appeal to the Egyptian women. Find details below:


The tally craft is an old craft that is rarely practiced and near extinction, it’s used to decorate products such as abayas, scarves, furnishings and others. A group of women from Shandaweel Island in Sohag Governorate work with it, their crafted products come out beautiful and with a high degree of precision and craftsmanship. Their crafts are popular among handicrafts lovers and tourists, they’re also often showcased in international fairs outside of Egypt. Due to the limited number of designs and lack of marketing capability in Egypt, their crafts are not as popular in Egypt as outside of Egypt. These women would love nothing more than to showcase their products in Egypt and expand here. However they need help coming up with new modern designs or new uses for the crafted tally material in order to do that.

Designing new and modern designs that captures the traditional style with a modern flavor that will appeal to Egyptians so we can market and showcase them here.

The tally craft is popular in international fairs and among tourist. If the women got new and modern designs to craft, there’s no doubt it will also be popular here as well.

 We need designers to design new designs that are modern, new, traditional style and appealing for the Egyptian women.

5000 ُEGP Financial incentive from the Academy of sceintific research and technology


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