HeroCare is an iOS Mobile App that helps the parents to care for their disabled kids. It gathers the community of the parents and organizes their daily routine to ensure the newborn health improvement under with the doctor’s synchronous follow up. The App lets users connect and share information with each other and can send email to doctors and make appointments.

Using the parent’s s locations, the App can connect the parent to close similar cases of their child, it can also guide them to the nearest hospital in case of emergency and save or archive the doctor’s instructions in the app using the mobile camera for documentation.

The App is free to use and designed for parents and doctors

by Eng. Tariq Maged, a Computer and Control Engineer, Data center engineer and a previous instructor in Tanta University and now working as an iOS Developer; the App aims to find an innovative way to track the disabled infants from the day they are born and to ease the life of the parents and support them to help them provide better treatments for their child.

Eng. Tariq presented his innovation during the IPSP pitch competition for the Infant Disability Platform Challenge in cooperation with GIZ IPSP.

Eng. Tariq is willing to give away the App for free for any non-profit organization that supports disabled infants.




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An App that helps the parents of disabled infants and supports them to to help them provide better treatments for their child.

Solution for:

Infants Disability Platform

by GIZ

Cairo Egypt


80000 EGP


Tariq Maged




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