Integrated Care System


Integrated Care System is a smart Wristband based system with QR codes and RFID to manage the medical record of infant patients from day 1. It’s a mix of hardware and software with the an Arabic interface and a voice assistant to help the parents or caregivers to keep track of their child's health status.

The system is designed to provide:

  • Daily advice on feeding newborns

  • Reminders to the parents as per the physician notes

  • Reminders for voluntary and compulsory vaccination campaigns

  • Directions to the nearest hospital or care unit

  • Audio assistant to improve the interactions

  • Schedule and booking system for doctor’s appointments to avoid long waiting times

  • Review and quality assessment system to improve the provided services

  • Footprint identity record system

Tomatiki smart solutions is a platform that supports many sectors by providing a variety of automated smart solutions and IoT systems to help you improve businesses, established in 2013. Tomatiki is focusing exclusively on high quality and cost-effective software and hardware development and implementation of services.


This innovation was presented during the IPSP pitch competition for the Infant Disability Platform Challenge in cooperation with GIZ IPSP by eng. Mohamed Barakat, one of the co-founders.


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Short Description

Smart Wristband System with Code QR and RFID to manage the database of medical record of disabled infants.

Solution for:

Infants Disability Platform

by GIZ

Cairo Egypt


80000 EGP


Mohamed barakat




Collaboration and Finance

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