Coloring Metal Wires


The wires usage with the art date to the Pharaonic and Babylonian civilizations, when they used it to make jewellery. Nowadays wires spread beyond jewellery, as many artisans integrate wires in their different art pieces such as wire sculptures and figurines. The wires, in such projects, are made of different materials (Copper, Aluminum, Iron, etc..) of each has its distinguished colour and price.

The Solution

The winning solution was to apply a wire colouring technique and tutor the artisans to use it, to decrease the manufacturing costs. The innovation increased revenue by 20% and decreased manufacturing efforts.

The solution is currently implemented with the reward provided by Expo Live Dubai.

The Challenge

Coloring Metal Wires challenge aimed to innovate a new wires colouring technique to eliminate purchasing of expensive pre-coloured wires.

The Solver

Eng. Assem Gamal Abdel-Hamid graduated from the Mechatronics engineering faculty in the German University in Cairo and currently the founder Handy  which provides complete kits for DIY projects and crafts.



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Short Description

An efficient and low-cost technique to colour the metal wires toresist the climate effects and losing color.

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Coloring Metal Wires

by Wire

Amman Jordan


800 USD


Assem Gamal




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