In collaboration with StartEgypt, Yomken.com hosted the Corona Hackathon on its platform to find innovative solutions for the "Safe Banknote" challenge which aimed to eliminate the possibility of spreading the virus through cash transaction and banknote circulation.


The Solution

Ocra is a mobile wallet for micropayments aimed at digitising all little cash in Egypt by 2030, and has launched a social initiative for business solidarity to address the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak on the most vulnerable, especially the micro-buses drivers and passengers.


The Challenge

The “Corona Hackathon challenge aimed to find solutions to three different challenges to help the situation during and post the pandemic.

▶ Safe Banknote Challenge

Porous surfaces like banknotes represent a high risk of viral transmission as it’s physically handled by tens of thousands of people and could be a vector for the spreading of coronavirus.

But depending on temperature and humidity, some surfaces, like credit cards and coins, can be a higher risk of contamination than the more porous surface of banknotes. 

How can we exchange cash money while restricting the physical contact to limit the viral spreading in our community?


The Team

Ocra’s team includes Khaled Khalil, Founder and MD; Ahmad AbdelRahman, Tech Director; Assem Abozeid, Full Stack Developer; Eslam Gehad Aldin, Operations Director.

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Short Description

A mobile wallet for micropayments aimed at digitising all little cash in Egypt by 2030

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Solution for:

Corona Hackathon

by Red Crescent

Cairo Egypt


10000 EGP


Khalid Khaleel





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