In collaboration with StartEgypt, hosted the Corona Hackathon on its platform to find innovative solutions for the "Safe Public Transport" challenge which aimed to find creative solutions to make public transportation as safe as possible during and after the coronavirus pandemic.


The Solution

Cayshly is an online payments app for public transportation that ease the physical social distancing to avoid the spread of coronavirus during and after the pandemic. It’s easy to use by connecting bank accounts, credit cards or any online payment method. This decrease in cash transaction and banknote circulation reduces the probability of transmitting the virus and also increases the life of banknotes.


The Challenge

The “Corona Hackathon aimed to find solutions to three different challenges to help the situation during and post the pandemic.

▶ Safe Public Transport Challenge

As the new respiratory coronavirus spreads primarily through contact with an infected person, public transport systems have to be considered a high-risk environment due to:

  • The high number of people in a confined space;
  • The limited ventilation inside these means of transportation
  • The lack of possible control measures to identify and limite the access of potentially contaminated people;
  • The exposure to a variety of common surfaces during any trip (tickets, handrails in the metro stations, etc.).

Meanwhile, public transportations are a vital service to provide mobility in general and during the crisis, specifically for those who need access to healthcare facilities, notably those who cannot afford Uber or Careem. 

How might we, then, keep the mobility to health facilities accessible? How can we provide smart and safe access to public transportation during the pandemic and even after to avoid any possible future viral transmission?

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Short Description

A cashless payment app by which individuals can pay for public transportation to avoid the spread of the coronavirus through cash.

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Solution for:

Corona Hackathon

by Red Crescent

Cairo Egypt


10000 EGP


Yousef Mahfouz





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