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In collaboration with StartEgypt, Yomken.com hosted the Corona Hackathon on its platform to find innovative solutions for the "Myth-Busting for Day-labourer" challenge which aimed to reduce the spread of false information and  empower the day labourers given their habits and their outgoing tendency and lack of the essential precautions.


The Solution

Ezai Else7a is a health management platform that connects patients with doctors through secured online chatting with a comprehensive medical record to help the doctors better diagnose remotely and facilitate access to medical advice anytime, anywhere, which reduces the load on the health sector, especially during crisis times, it also provides the health authorities with a national emergency alert system to send accurate and trusted information to the people.


The Challenge

The “Corona Hackathon aimed to find solutions to three different challenges to help the situation during and post the pandemic.

▶ Myth-Busting for Day-labourer challenge

Day Labourers constitute a large segment of the Egyptian economy with irregular employment (including intermittent or seasonal employment) reaching about 30% of the total labour force in Egypt according to the Egyptian Labour Market Panel Survey (2018). Day Labourers are not only limited to the formal sector, but a large percentage is also concentrated in the informal sector which represents more than 50 % of Egypt’s economy.

While the whole world is trying to contain the pandemic(coronavirus), pushing the citizens to stay home, this sector suffers twice, as their work mainly depends on physical efforts and going out daily to earn their bread and butter. Nevertheless, they confront fake news and instructions daily about how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The day labourers work is diminishing as most of the worksites are closed and the still open ones are not well equipped to face coronavirus. These people are not tech-savvy and have limited access to the basic outreach services, which limits their chance to survive with such a crisis.

How can we empower the day labourers given their habits and their outgoing tendency and lack of the essential precautions which are mostly based on technology and what to do in case of suspected infection?

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  • عاصم النميس
    عاصم النميس
    Posted on 2020-04-28 15:56:05
    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله
    لدينا فكرة تصنيع قناع واقي للوجه مضاد للفيروسات و الأوبئة
    يلغى تماما فكرة العزل
    بة ترجع عجلة الإنتاج بقوة
    ما يوجد بالأسواق لا يفي بالغرض
    سوف تنتظم الأسواق إلى ما قبل فيروس الكرونا
    سترجع العمالة إلى اشغالها
    سترتفع البورصات العالمية والمحلية
    ستتحسن اسعار البترول العالمية والمحلية
    ستعمل الفرق الطبية بكفاءة تامة
    سترجع الكرة للملاعب والجمهور للمدرجات
    سترجع حركة الطيران و السفر
    ما دام المسؤل لا يبصر ولا يسمع سنظل فريسة لفيروس لا يري بالعين.
    لن يمر الاقتصاد إلا من خلال قناع واقي و مانع

Short Description

An all-in-one health management system, it can be used either through a smartphone or any web browser on any device. 

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Solution for:

Corona Hackathon

by Red Crescent

Cairo Egypt


10000 EGP


Mohamed Abdalla





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